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BC Elk hunt

     If you've never been on a guided BC elk hunt in the rut, you had better give it a try.  Whether it is  from a boat drifting down a river or from a mountain top on horse back, hunting bugling bull elk is an amazing experience with great rewards.  
     The British Columbia hunting season opens September 1 and the hunting is excellent right from the beginning.  The elk are already starting to rut.  Bulls are establishing dominance and are herding up their cow.  The rut continues threw the whole month of September.  Elk hunting methods vary a little but can be excellent for the whole month.
     Elk are found in many different parts of our BC area.  A good portion of our area produces elk right at timber line.  The majority of out British Columbia mountains do not exceed 7000 feet and timberline is between 4500 to 5500.  Once you move out of the mountains into the foot hills pine ridges and south facing slopes and river banks are great places to find rut activity.
    If you are in fair physical condition and get motivated by bugling bull elk we can take you on an exciting outfitted adventure.

Trophy Quality

     British Columbia hunting regulations require that Elk in our area need to have 6 points on one side to be legally harvested.  This rule has insured and will insure that we maintain excellent trophies.  As British Columbia outfitters we strive to harvest bulls in that 300 B+C class or better.  This is a reasonable goal for our hunter with the possibility at a 350 class bull.  


Combination hunt Options Available

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